In Lab Sleep Study

An In-lab sleep study, also known as polysomnogram, is a test that evaluates various aspects of sleep, and is performed in a sleep laboratory or hospital while you are sleeping. The study provides your doctor with a complete evaluation of your brain activity, breathing pattern, levels of oxygen, heart rate, eye and leg movements, and muscle activity during sleep. These are correlated with various sleep-related problems.

In lab sleep study is usually recommended to evaluate abnormal sleep behavior such as sleep walking, sleep-related breathing conditions such as sleep apnea, to monitor the effects of a certain treatment and determine the cause of treatment failure.

The in lab sleep study is a non-invasive, painless, inpatient procedure that requires an overnight hospital stay. You will be given special instructions as to what you need to bring to the sleep lab, and the do’s and don’ts on the day of the procedure. All efforts are made to ensure that the lab feels comfortable and homely, and not like a hospital. Your doctor attaches sensors to your body to monitor you during sleep. Your movements are also monitored through a camera. The next morning, the sensors are removed once you wake up. Your doctor will interpret and review the study data, and advise you on the next course of your treatment.