Patient Testimonials

Wonderful doctor and assistants. They seen me quickly for the spot on my lung and scheduled for biopsy even though she is extremely busy. I can't thank her enough. Her office is always busy. Best doctor in town and in my world she walks on water.

Wonderful doctor. Would definitely recommend her. Very proactive about your care. Very knowledgeable,caring and kind. Her assistants are also very good.

The best in her field. She has helped me with my allergies and breathing and Sleep apnea, I cant thank her enough.

First appointment and beginning of the diagnostic process was highly more involved than with other pulmonologist. Very comfortable with communications both with Dr. Kable and staff. Feel very confident with development of treatment plan and care.

Good bedside manners and very knowledgable. She helped my narcolepsy and because of her I am able to function. I always had a problem falling asleep and thought fatigue was normal growing up but now I am no longer a zombie. No one could figure it out but her. Love her.

Dr Kable has made a huge difference in my breathing. I was not able to do anything when I seen her and I thought thats how I would be from now on but she has put me on breathing treatments and did allergy testing and put me on shots and i feel like I am a new person. I thank God and my Primary care for sending me to her.

Excellent Dr that cares more about the patient then money. I feel blessed to have her as my Dr. Staff as a whole is great as well, the np started to take care of me on the last visit but when I requested the Dr instead there was no issue, however I did have to wait an extra few minutes.

Wonderful person and doctor. Spot on diagnosis and treatment. Very personable and very knowledgeable. We did have to wait a few times and had to see her Nurse practitioners who we like too.

We found Dr Kable to be very knowledgeable and caring. We have heard great things about her from our next door neighbors and she did help my wife quit smoking and me with my asthma. Some days we did have a long wait time but since her Nurse practitioner has started with her it has gotten some better but some days are still worse than others.

Dr Kable has helped my wife so much it is beyond words. She is a blessing. She is very thorough in her work up. We did every thing at Texoma Medical center and had no issues. She diagnosed her with Pulmonary Hypertension and has started her on medications after full work up. We were getting no where with our cardiologist and primary care suggested her. She is wonderful. Her staff could be better but they are busy but they are all very friendly. I will be seeing her for my sleep apnea very soon thanks