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Clinical Trial

Our providers are actively involved in clinical trial participation for the treatment of Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders. Here are some frequently asked questions about clinical trials:

What Is A Clinical Trial?

It is a scientific study to determine safety and effectiveness of specific medical drugs, treatments, and devices. A patient must meet the trial's specific criteria which might include such factors as age, medication taken, and medical history. Patients may be asked to perform a series of tests (such as blood and breathing) to further determine their eligibility in the trial, all at no cost to the patient. Once qualified, the patient will be asked to take a treatment, come in for a certain amount of office visits, and voice his opinion about the product. Some studies do offer a stipend for your time and travel.

Why Volunteer For A Clinical Trial?

Participants in clinical trials get to try new and innovative therapies designed to treat their specific health conditions. They can receive medical examinations and tests related to the study at no charge and can also be compensated for time and travel. In addition, feedback and active participation may be used to create even more effective treatments in the future that can help millions of others.

What Are The Risks?

The main risks are possible side effects or adverse reactions to the study drug. Participants are closely monitored to keep these risks at a minimum. Participation in a study is completely voluntary and you can choose to leave the study at any time.

How Do I Start?

Just call the Premier Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Research team at 903-465-5012. Our study coordinator, Ifrah Akhtar will reach out to you. Ongoing trials at our location include EGPA (Churg Strauss Syndrome ) , COPD and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.